How often should I service my generator?
– Annual maintenance is recommended in a stand-by application. More frequently in a continuous applications.

Is load banking important?
– Load banking is very important, especially on diesel units. It helps reduce wet stacking caused by running at no load, and makes your engine work at its full potential. It also allows us to find problems such as overheating, unstable voltage, unstable frequency and many others before you have an emergency situation.

How much does a service cost?
– Pricing depends on the generator kw size, generator location, the extent of service, and service frequency. We have very competitive pricing and can get price quotes to you upon request.

What does a block heater do?
– An engine block heater keeps the engine at a consistent temperature. It aids in the starting of a diesel engine, and cuts down on the warm up period that an engine needs before it can perform.

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