Generator Field Service & Repair

We provide routine inspections, annual services and repair on all makes and models of generators. Inspection frequency can be as often as our customers require. Our normal field service hours are Monday thru Friday 7am- 3pm. We are available for emergency service 24/7/365. After hours rates will apply.

Transfer Switch Service & Repair

Full ATS service, cleaning and lubricating, contactor service and adjustment, voltage sensing calibration and ATS transfer testing.

Load Bank Testing

We perform annual resistive load bank testing. We supply variable load to your generator to reduce wet stacking and find problems before you have an emergency.

Diesel Refueling

We carry 100 gallons of diesel fuel on our trucks at all times for “on the spot” refueling. We can provide scheduled bulk fuel drops up to 10,000 gallons.

Fluid Sample Testing

Oil samples are taken for analysis on every annual maintenance, so we can monitor oil performance and engine component wear. Coolant and fuel sample analysis upon request.

Meggar Testing

Generator stator and rotor winding testing to check for insulation breakdown.

Gas & Diesel Engine Overhaul

Providing minor and major engine overhaul on all gas and diesel engines. Engine repairs, valve and injector timing adjustments, injection pump rebuilds, gas engine tune-ups and more.

Generator Overhaul

Rewinding service for rotors, stators and exciters, rotor bearing service and replacment, servicing all voltage regulators.

Fire pump engine service & repair

Service and inspections on all fire pump engine models according to NFPA standards.

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